About Us

7 Senses is a revolutionary Design Framework that ensures inclusion for all ages and abilities.

We believe that the 7 Senses Framework is a simple tool to go Beyond Accessibility™ and champion the idea of the 7 Senses by educating built environment professionals, community leaders, and residents on the benefits of creating environments that engage all 7 human senses.

By 2030, we can expect that at least one-in-four Australian will live with a disability that restricts or impairs their ability to participate in daily activities, education or employment.  Using the 7 Senses Framework and going Beyond Accessibility™ we can help remedy this.

Our Team

Tobias Volbert, Founder and Spokesperson

Tobias is a landscape architect and open space planner passionate about sustainability, permaculture and inclusive design.

Tobias Volbert is a Landscape Architect and Open Space Planner educated in Hanover, Germany.  In 2006 Tobias moved to Australia where he worked as project manager for a sustainable buildings company in Brisbane, before beginning his current passion for sensory landscape and play grounds.

Prior to his move to Australia, Tobias was involved in change management, community consultation and landscape design projects in Germany, New Zealand and Australia.

Passionate about sustainability, permaculture and inclusive design, Tobias has been publicly speaking about the merits of 7 senses design around Australia for more than a year.  His push to move design beyond accessibility has seen Tobias speaking at national conferences since 2013.

Tobias lives in Brisbane with his wife, an occupational therapist, and his two boys aged 8 and 10.  7 Senses Street Day is an opportunity to make difference for his own family, but more importantly, families with children who have sensory processing disorder and autism.

He has been a Board Member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers, and Urban Design Alliance Queensland.

Ben Stokes, Head of Digital & Transformation

Ben is a digital strategist and visionary who is passionate about digital experience and digital transformation. He provides these services as partner for 7 Senses and other clients through his digital agency Evolut.

Ben has spent 20 years building his own digital businesses and recently was Head of Digital at Credit Union Australia (CUA) where he got a passion for member-centric business models and working in the not-for-profit sector.

Ben saw the 7 Senses Foundation and the impact it could have by bringing a broader range of sensory products and services to the mass market through both online communities and E-Commerce.

Partnering with Tobias, Ben’s goal is to help 7 Senses reach its vision of making accessibility and inclusion accessibly for everyone. First through its online store and community and shortly followed by online design tools and an online Learning Management System (LMS) where people can self-educate – helping bringing 7 Senses to professionals around the world.

Ben lives in Brisbane with his wife and two children.